Along the Provincial Road n°4, the long straight road connecting Bologna to Ferrara, close to the provincial border you will arrive in San Vincenzo di Galliera a hamlet in the the Po flat land. Strong temperament, vital energy and resolute character are the peculiar traits that helped to survive in this land and undoubtedly Mrs Wilma owner of the Trattoria is endowed with them all! Since 1976 she supervises with her family the trattoria in this location but she has a much longer standing activity and undisputed is her ability in cooking. She recomends a traditional menu with genuine home-tasted food. Daily scrupulously hand made “sfoglia” (pasta layer); great desserts and to taste all in the right way a glass of good wine is the perfect

combination. The trattoria is in the list of the Botteghe Storiche (Historical Shops and Restaurants) of the Province of Bologna. Here some hint not to miss the best of local tradition: “tagliatelle paglia e fieno” (yellow and green tagliatelle) with ham and asparagus, tortellini in brodo (tortellini in chiken broth); cotechino in purè (cotechino with mashed potatoes), and “zuppa inglese” (trifle) for dessert. The history of this special salami called “cotechino” dates back to 1511 when according to some documents, the butchers in Mirandola, town in the province of Modena, at that time besieged by pope Giulio II’s army, began to fill the “cotica” (pork rind) with minced pork meat in order to preserve it and in so doing they created a new kind of salami: what we call now “cotechino”.


Address: Via Valle, 33 Galliera
Telephone: 051 812163