Situated into the greenery of the first Bolognese hills, at 10 minutes drive from the city centre. We offer a cuisine both traditional and rustic, from the most classical to some creative dishes. From our terrace, in spring and summer, you will enjoy an amazing view of Bologna, and thanks to our heated veranda, in autumn and winter too. Into the three interior rooms of the restaurant you will find a welcoming and warm location in winter, and refreshing in the summer time. The Trattoria opened in the mid 19th century as a shop and refreshment bar for people from Bologna on Sunday trips. Around 1920 it became hotel and restaurant. During the 60s it was known as “Da Samuele”, where you could have dinner and dance in the courtyard. In the 70s it was owned by the Mattioli family, and Ms. Bruna was very renown for her Tagliatelle al ragù. The current owners, we started at the end of May 1991, and in 2001 restored the local, that continues to be a reference point for anybody would like to have dinner in a relaxed and comfortable place.


Address: Via Siepelunga, 118 Bologna
Province: Bologna
Telephone: 051 472901
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