In 1938 ,almost a century ago, the trattoria Leonida started its activity in via Alemagna in the very heart of Bologna and for this claims a long standing cooking tradition tied to the traditional bolognese cuisine. Since that time the traditional bolognese way of cooking didn’t change but new and creative dishes make continually innovations in the menu list thought for gourmet with a great food choice: from the classic filled daily-hand-made pasta, roast and boiled meat, game bird and furry game, specialty broiled meat to a more sophisticated cuisine with truffle flavoured dishes (in the season), fresh mushrooms of all species. Unlike present day restaurants without experience, the Trattoria Leonida concentrates on the essence of food without forgetting the formal appearance. Our internationally trained staff welcomes guest from all over the world: English,French, Spanish are spoken here. All major credit cards welcome. Animal are welcome too


Address: Vicolo Alemagna, 2/b Bologna
Telephone: 051 239742
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