The name of the Restaurant is a playful connection with the location, a few meters from the square della Pioggia, and a reminiscence of a film of the 90s. The restaurant has a modern decor with wood tables and chairs and give the possibility to eat for a quick lunch or a drink on a long bar design. Prima della Pioggia is a small restaurant in the historic center of Bologna. Open for lunch and dinner, offers a cuisine in which we can recognize contamination and influences between the Mediterranean flavors with the use of spices, an attention to the organic, local products and to the seasonality. In the regional dishes or in the international chef proposal, you can notice the craftsmanship of the food and the simple enhancement of the selected products. Particular attention is dedicated to the entire supply chain of the product and to the composition of light dishes.


Address: Via de' Falegnami 14 Bologna
Telephone: 051/271296
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