In the area of Via Murri, in a small square in which they used to make horses rest before leaving to Tuscany, it is hosted the nice osteria Satyricon. Started in 2006, thanks to the enthousiasm of its two young owners, Fabrizio and Cristina, partners both in life and job, whose original intention was to offer the true traditional cuisine of Bologna at an affordable price, they increased along time the options of the osteria, by adding more modern recipes. After a first cooperation with an authentic Emilian doe maker, the chef had been Dario Picchiotti, who was able to combine more elaborated dishes to the traditional Bolognese, with much creativity and innovation, and respecting the season of each product. Following his positive experience at the Satyricon, Dario opened a restaurant on his own, and now is Sebastian the chef, coming from a previous job at the luxury Carlton Hotel. Thanks to the help of two cooks he is handling the cuisine with care and competence. Fabrizio’s father offers a contribution to the restaurant too, preparing by his own hands the cold cuts that are offered into the “tagliere rustico”.


Address: Via della Armi 3 Bologna
Province: Bologna
Telephone: 051 444320
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