Welcome in the Osteria della Pieve! a place where history, passion for the Bolognese rural culture and the accurate selection of the ingredients result in a gastronomical experience in perfect balance between tradition and new trends. The osteria is located in a typical rural building wit an inner court, remodelled with care, in order to preserve it as evidence of the history of our territory.

From the spacious and practical parking place you will be able to admire the beautiful surrounding countryside, the nearby pre-Renessaince church of Saint Andrew Apostle and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the beautiful garden. In the restaurant you will also see a collection of old slicers and scales of the famous brand “Berkel”, from the name of their Dutch inventor, who, at the end of the XIX century experimented the first mechanical slicer.


Address: Via Quarto di Sopra, 1/8 Bologna
Province: Bologna
Telephone: 051 768354
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