La Cantina Bentivoglio is a large venu with over 250 seats and it is one of the historical taverns of Bologna. It is located in the city center in the immediate vicinity of the university quarter and largely derived from the ancient and picturesque cellars of the Renaissance Palazzo Bentivoglio. It offers its customers a cuisine where the Bolognese dishes alternate with excursions into modernity. Very rich cellar, where you can choose from more than 400 prestigious national and international labels, always available. Sought-after the places in the large music hall, a real temple of jazz in Bologna where, for over 25 years, there are approximately 280 nights of jazz entertainment year round, hosting weekly also big names in the national and international jazz panorama. Open in summer with outdoor gazebo.


Address: Via Mascarella, 4/B Bologna
Province: Bologna
Telephone: 051 265416
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