Bologna city of the food and gastronomy

Bologna, worldwide famous as “city of the food” and gastronomy, is where both tourists or habitants discover and “taste” why the nickname is “Bologna la grassa (the Fat)”.
Previously “Forbes” and more recently “Thrillist” describe in their magazines with high emphasis our highlights, our products from the land and our cooking.
They write that we are “jewels in a diadem” and we are very pleased and honoured to be an international landmark as far as enogastronomy is concerned.

The Project

The project “Bologna: city of good food” is an idea of Confcommercio Ascom Bologna and its associated restaurants with the aim to promote and exploit the whole gastronomic organization of the territory, giving the message that in Bologna and its district in every restaurant people can enjoy an high quality in cuisine and service.
In each associated venue clients could have a choice of 3 dishes in the list of menu: 2 within the antipasto or first or second course; always vegetables, dessert or fruits are added. A glass of wine and a bottle of mineral water are included.
Each associated restaurant will propose the menu “Bologna: city of good food” at 3 different ranges of price: 25, 35 or 45 euros.
You have the availability to taste and enjoy among more that 100 restaurants…

Buon appetito!